How it works

Content on Demand is a professional services business. We are not a marketplace that matches clients with customers.
Our experienced in-house content editors are based in Australia and ensure the content we produce is of the highest standard.
Our intuitive EziBrief system makes preparing a content brief simple and efficient.

What we believe

  • 01

    We believe the skills required to produce high quality content that engages customers takes many years to develop and expert practitioners are hard to find; and extremely valuable.

  • 02

    We believe traditional methods of sourcing content can be improved by utilising technology to streamline the process, making it more efficient and affordable.

  • 03

    We believe that by streamlining the content briefing process while maintaining high standards we can help business maximise the opportunity of content marketing.

  • 04

    We believe good content producers should be able to quickly understand your business and content needs quickly and deliver high quality content in a timely and cost effective manner.

Step 1 - Give Us a Brief

Register and complete the EziBrief form with as much detail as possible.

The details

  • Registration

    We ask all users to register so we can easily track the progress of your project.

  • Choose the type of content

    Using our EziBrief system you can select from a range of different types of content.

  • Give us some detail

    Our EziBrief system asks for all the essential information we need to complete your project.

  • Give us a budget

    Let us know your budget for the project.

Step 2 - We'll Review

We’ll review your project and accept or request more information.

What We’re Looking For

  • Do we have all the information?

    One of our Editors will review your brief to see if we have enough information to complete the project within deadline and proposed budget.

  • Can we do the job?

    We will get back to you as quickly as possible and either agree to take the project or request more information. We may ask you to review the budget if it is unrealistic.

Step 3

Once the brief and budget have been agreed, we complete the project.

Our Editors get to work

  • 50% Deposit

    Once we have agreed the brief and the cost we will charge a 50% deposit before commencing any work.

  • Magic happens

    Our Editors work with our team of copywriters to produce a first draft of your content before sharing it with you via your preferred technology platform.

  • Refining and perfecting

    You can provide feedback, suggestions or changes to our Editors to make sure your content is just as you want it.

  • Project completion

    Your project is completed once you are happy with the project. We transfer all Copyright to the content to you once the final 50% of the agreed fee is paid.